Term of Service

Terms :

  1. If the quantities exceed what have been quoted, an additional charge will apply for each of the piece.
  2. Please provide important info. such as full add. of present & future home, loading time, restriction area, any stairs/ platflorm, etc.
  3. Cartons Boxes Size (21x14x15 inch), the charges will be doubled for exceed.
  4. Parking fee and tunnel fee are not included and are to be paid by the client.
  5. Our prices do not cover the cost on installation and uninstall of water, electricity or gas appliances. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  6. Insurance is not included in the quotation. Client is to insure any valuable items individually.
  7. Any damages or losses during the course of transportation, the liability is limited to 10% of the moving charge, the upper limit is HK$1000.
  8. After the moving service(s) had been confirmed, the customers have to pay the deposit and 30% as the down payment for the services. Customers must pay the balance on the same day. There will be no refunds for all the services.
  9. If customer need to re-schedule the moving date after confirmation is made, please give prior notice 3 days before. Otherwise, HK$500 will be charged for the compensation.
  10. Before and after handling services, this is customers responsibility to count of the number of items that will be moved. If there are any questions it should be raised immediately. Once the staff had left the unit, the company will not take any action for their further requests for moving service(s).
  11. If the client has not completed the packaging at the removal date and assistance is needed from our workers for the packaging as for a smooth removal, we reserve the right to charge an additional packaging fee at HK$300 per hour per worker.
  12. HK$300 or above will be charged for any additional address of removal.
  13. The weight of the nylon bags, travel suitcases, plastic boxes and cartons should not exceed 25kg, or an additional charge of HK$30 per piece will apply.
  14. Please take out the things and clear the furniture, or the charges will be doubled for that piece of furniture.
  15. Stair Fee: Moving charge will be increased by removal complexity, such as no lift, need to gothrough a long platform then reach the lift, furniture not able to fit into the lift and move from stair; using rope to lift up furniture from ground floor,.
  16. An additional charge of 20% or above will apply for each floor if the removal has to be done without lift.
  17. An additional charge of 20% or above will apply if the removal has to be done through a distance to or from the platform/car park, or has to switch lifts.
  18. Minimum Charge For Van is $500 / Minimum Charge For 5.5 tons Truck is $700
  19. The above charges are for references only. Adjustment on any service charges will apply accordingly to the actual condition.
  20. We strictly forbid our workers for asking for service tips

Payment Method:

  1. Cash
  2. Bank-In (CHINA BANK A/C No: 012-787-00044287 )

SC TRANSPORTATION CO., LIMITED Receipt will be issued by the staff responsible for the service(s) after the completion of the work., or it will be issued separately by mail, fax or e-mail sent. After sales service : Upon the completion of the service(s), the company will provide a free to follow up of the performance of the service(s), and therefore to enhance the quality of our service.

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